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Connecting  the World to Japan

About Hanamon Works

As a partner who aim at our clients' goals

We believe that our interpretation, translation, and trade support services are not just a simple task, but rather we approach and implement our clients' objectives beyond that. Whether you are a Japanese company looking to challenge an overseas market or a company from another country looking to launch in the Japanese market, we will provide quality services as a partner to help you succeed in your respective markets. For more information, please contact us today.


Support for entering the Japanese market
with Hanamon Works.


Support for entering the Japanese market

We not only provide language support, but also work with you to resolve issues related to business practices and trends in the Japanese market.

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Challenge support for overseas markets

We support the challenges of Japanese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by utilizing our experience and network in the overseas import/export business.

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For customers with these issues

How Hanamon Works Can Help You solve these issues

We will help your entry at  a Japanese exhibition easier and successful.  Including advicing you on Japanese business practicess, and checking on your catalogues and endorsement materials by native Japanese speaker who can 
communicate in English.

At trade exhibitions and business meetings

Project launch via crowdfunding. We will advice you on pricing as well as language support.  Provide you with promotio companies and logistic measures in Japan.

For crowdfunding in Japan

Received an offer from a Japanese company to purchase your products but go language issues and business customs.  Thus  seeking help and attendance by someone with experience in trading in Japan to attend the business meeting with you. You would also like business advice.

When negotiating with Japanese companies

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Hanamon Works LLC

5-47-6 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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